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Choosing a design for your website can be tough.Let us help you


This modern and dynamic design will make your business stand out and keep up with the current market trends.

User friendly 

This design features an easy to navigate and UX friendly interface for users which consists of state-of-the-art bootstrap 5 technology.

custom made  

This design is completely customisable and was made from scratch by the Empire Designs team.      


We will turn your ideas and vision into reality and create a website that combines dynamic features along with our unique designs.                                       


Whether you're on the go or in the office. This design can be displayed on all your devices without any difficulties.                     


We offer a friendly and efficient 1 to 1 service where we can assist you to turn your vision into a reality.   

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we plan, design and develop your websites and portfolios  

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Our Performance

feel accomplished seeing the final outcome with us

Our outstanding design ticks all the efficiency and performance criteria.      

Our team at Empire Designs is ready to help you with any enquires you have about any of our designs.

how we did it

working together to achieve great results

analysis & planning

At first, we will analyse the requirements and plan it. Then, convert it into a full specification document which explains exactly what we will deliver to you. This process will include the technical functional requirements captured along with your branding and styling guidelines.

Design & Development

This is the main Development phase where we will construct the functionalities of your product. Once developed, your product will undergo a quality assurance phase before you are finally presented with the final product.

Testing & Fixing

Once your product is developed, we will test it to ensure it functions without any issues, using different data set and conditions. Also, this stage is important for fixing design and development issues.


The final phase is where we launch your product to the hosting server. Here we consider components such as cloud architecture and performance if that is within the scope of your project. At this stage, your product will be ready for your clients to view.

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